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Heart Soul Therapy

I am happy to introduce a new healing program: Heart Soul Therapy

Over many years of healing and spiritual counseling practice I have integrated the Pamltherapy (technique fonded by Moshe Zwang) with the use of Time LineTherapy, ERT (Emotional Release Therapy) as well as Past Life Regression to heal past emotional trauma affecting my clients in their present life.The concept of Heart Soul Therapy is about understanding and reconnecting the Heart center, the Ego-mind and the Divine Soul. Such reconnection and
awareness is an open door to healing for the body-mind-spirit as a whole and can be accomplished using any Energy Healing modalities or trance hypnotic method.

The Heart is the symbol of the emotional feelings and thoughts, while the mind is the seat or playground of ego. The mind is like a child that is difficult to handle. You have to nurture him but you must ignore his misbehavior in order to show him that you believe in his Divine origin and see him as perfect in nature. This is probably part of the mystery of redemption and any healing manifestation by extension. This is why I prefer dealing with the Soul that has a direct connection with the Higher-Self and the Divine from the essence of its nature. The heart will only experience peace and joy once all healing from the past is resolved and transformed.

With this in mind, I am glad to invite you to find your solution and utilize it as canvas for your life projects. In our next Seminar you will learn how to remove anxiety from future projections. Di-sease, anxiety and fear belong to the past memories and future projections. In the present moment once you find a solution, you experience peace and creative power.

Our workshops are like the scratch book putting together the pieces of the puzzle of our life, when the Total Transformation Retreat is giving time and space for the realization of our master piece self-actualization. Each seminar is offering opportunities for more clarity and each Retreat jump start the awakening of our Heart & Soul Journey.

With detachment from the outcome, your desire will gain power from trusting the Divine guidance and protection. Only then you will feel, understand and believe that: The time is Now!

Blessings,  Fabienne.

by Fabienne Marneau - 1/5/2011

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