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By Fabienne Marneau, CH - September 2009


When ever hurtful emotions or negative thoughts come your way, it means that you need to purify your heart. Judgmental thoughts, anger, resentment jealousy, etc. are blocking the pathway to Abundance and spiritual growth in your life. 

Every time I conduct a seminar on Prosperity and Abundance, most of the participants realize that their heart is not at peace and the frustrations and emotional hurt become more evident. Unless we are ready to let go of the attachment to the ego controlling our thoughts and to take responsibility without self-blame, Abundance will not be fully experienced.

Saint John said that the Romans cannot free the slaves, only the slave can free himself from purifying his heart: “and the Truth will set you free!” 

If “God, Infinite Spirit…” is Love and been self-liberated is becoming one with Higher-self, then all we have to do is to cultivate Love as the only state of mind.

Mind-reprogramming CD’s such as “Journey through the Chakras” or “Healing with Mother Earth” are powerful tools to redirect those thoughts. It takes about 90 days of listening diligently the program before the ego releases control.

Individual healing sessions allow us to target specific issues in a private environment. Such modality still requires your willingness to take part of the responsibility. We create our own Karma; everything that is happening to us is a consequence of past thoughts and deeds. We can never be a victim in the full sense of the word. One other benefit gained from seminars or a private session is to reinforce the intent to seek the truth of our soul's journey without rising guilt or blame. 

Purification is symbolized by Light and or Fire in many religions and shamanic traditions. The celebration of the Light is the symbol and archetype of the promise of self-liberation. Yom Kippur and Christmas for example, are announcing that Light will prevail. With active faith and trust we will see and know the Eternal Light.


If you wonder where you are today on the path of self-actualization, ask yourself this question: “Am I joyful and at Peace?”

If the answer is not 100 % positive than you know that your heart needs TLC (Tender Love and Care) and purification.

You may light a candle in honor of your soul and stay in reverence for few minutes.

Notice if thoughts come your way, write them down in a note book and let them go.

When you feel content and grateful, you know that your heart is at peace.



I am at peace with myself and others. I am at peace with the world and everything in it.

In which way is your light ready to shine?

What aspect of your soul contributes to the enlightenment of our world?

Please share with me your thoughts and know that we are never alone and that we are one at the end of time.

To learn how to practice unconditional love on a daily basis, exempt of judgment and expectations; to love yourself with reverence and innocence; to freely forgive yourself and others from trespasses, lack and limitations; you are invited our "Transpersonal Healing Retreat".

A Certification of completion will be delivered at the end of the retreat, valid for on going education as well as self-worth accomplishment.

Love cannot be divided, explain or proven.

Love is, as the Divine is, and so it is.


PS. Please do not let financial burden limit you from coming to this wonderful retreat.

The time is now!


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