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 Healing is Forgiveness

 Healing is all about forgiveness.
 But before we can accomplish true forgiveness, we need to let the inner child speak up his truth, pain, anger, sadness, etc. Recognizing and
expressing our emotions is the root of the healing process. Living in denial or suppressing emotions is the most dangerous thing to do, because

it hide deep into our subconscious what our mind is not ready to deal with.

 We have several ways to avoid pain:

 Seeing yourself as a victim
 Denying all responsibility or logic in the negative experience that brings suffering, blaming yourself or others
 Feeling guilty - none of these work.

 A true healer will empower you to find your truths first, the Karmic reason for your choices, the meaning of the lesson attached to that experience and then he will guide you to find a way out of pain through real forgiveness. It is a process that requires profound compassion, absence of judgment and strength because your free will is activated in this healing experience.

 It is easier to accomplish a complete healing therapy in a private session. However workshops setting help to bring out the main issues that need to be addressed, works as catalyst and teachings of metaphysical principles are more easily delivered in group settings. The spiritual synergy of the group also brings comfort and opens new horizons for understanding and possibilities.

 Be careful with shortcuts and please do not rely on psychic advisers or coaches that are too directing. Giving you your answers is stealing your empowerment and not teaching you the way. A good Spiritual Counselor or Life Coach will empower you to heal, grow and create your unique vision of possibilities. Each one of us carries the seed of his own Destiny into our "Heart & Soul". Our mission is to recognize such "Visions" and strive toward the manifestation of our perfect intent in Harmony & Peace.

 In Gratitude and Love,


by  Fabienne Marneau, CH - March 2007

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