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By Fabienne Marneau, CH


One of my clients shared some affirmations that she intended to use as mantra. Unfortunately the outcomes would have been opposite to her expectations, because of confusion in the syntaxes. The following answer inspired me to share with you the principle of effective mantra.

Guideline to create successful affirmations:

- Present tense.

The first principle for effective mantra is the use of the present tense. The subconscious mind knows only the present moment. The future can only be approached as a present moment at a specific date.

For example you cannot say: “Tomorrow, I shall be happy.”
However you may say: “I am happier every day, in every way; my mind knows how.”

- Positive words

You need to rephrase your affirmations using only positive words in a positive way. Your subconscious mind does not know the difference between what you say that you want and what you say that you don’t want. It takes literarily everything that you say and does its best to provide it for you. The more confused the information’s, the more confused your mind will be.

For example when you say: “I reject the idea that I am poor, weak, sick or unhappy. ”
Your subconscious mind is registering that you want to be poor, weak, sick and unhappy. If you don’t want something, do not talk or think about it.
If you want something, say it load and clear. Fancy sentences are not clear for the subconscious.
It is better saying: “I welcome health, abundance, strength and happiness.”

These principles are the bases of hypnotherapy training…dealing with the words of the mind. Thank you for sharing your thoughts; as it is often useful to others. There are no mistakes, only learning’s opportunities.

In Light & Harmony, Fabienne.

Ps. My article was also published in a british health website: http://www.healthandgoodness.com/ManagingLife/affirmations_guidelines.html

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