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I received a lovely poem that was talking about good luck. If the receiver did not send it back, it would bring bad luck. My question here is: "What Luck as to do with all this?"

Our Intent is what transforms our life. Clarity of intent and commitment to sustain efforts and energy is what bring positive outcome, not superstition... We are the co-designer and we need to believe in that power of manifestation. Hypnotherapy is based on that principle of self-healing. When in tune with Source, our vibration transcends limitations, creating miracles, releasing emotional burdens and opening doors to the flow of Grace & Peace.

The following exercise will bring good luck by releasing negativity and directing your mind to a clear and loving intent:
* Center your attention on your breathing.
Breathe out slowly to let go of all burdens, negative thoughts and pain.
Breathe in from your belly bottom up to the back of your throat.
Breathe deeply with a smile on your face; welcome the Love of the Divine into your lungs, head, heart and all body.
Repeat the process 3 times.

* Be aware, notice if the challenge that is limiting your happiness right now involves resentment toward someone else or yourself.

* Take charge and say out load: "I release anger and judgment; I forgive myself & everybody from the past, present and future. I recognize only one reality: Love.
I take charge of my destiny; I am no longer a victim or enabler; I empower every one around me."

Now see yourself accomplishing something that has a positive effect in your life. Take your time. Notice how easy the vision unfolds in your mind. Make-up a date frame of accomplishment, your subconscious mind need specific directions. It does not guess your need and desires. Feel at peace, supported and loved. Know that it is done.

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Fabienne Marneau

by Fabienne Marneau - Date: 2006

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