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Destination Harmony Column                                                           
By Fabienne Marneau - 6/16/2010


When feeling frustration with a task remember to ask for help. Ask first to the Creator of All, who even knows computers. Who do you think really gave all those ideas to human beings? Then find a way to get help from teachers, co-workers, mentors or family members. Search out the best one and be humble, people are usually very happy to help if they can.
Do not put the negative energy of frustration into your work and creativity. Go to that special place where Solutions flourish and the abundance of intelligence sustains our mind and soul.
Sometimes it is best to stop everything, rest or change your activity for a while before coming back
to the challenging task ahead and you will feel refreshed and confident.

Be grateful for what you have accomplished already. Maybe you still have a lesson to learn or have overlooked an important step into the process of your actions. Remember here again that “There is always a Solution“.

Affirmations - Mantra:
I believe that there is always a Solution to my challenges
I recognize and accept the purpose of my life experiences
I give permission to the Creator of All to guide me
I am one with the Source of Creativity, Infinite Intelligence and Wisdom
I enjoy learning and accept all my new lessons
I have confidence and trust the end result of my enterprises.


PS. Thank you for sharing your feelings and inspirations...


Source:  http://www.fabiennemarneau.com/Frustration.html