Fabienne Marneau



From Exaltation To Disillusion

Written by: Fabienne Marneau 

When we fall in love, our energy is high and we feel like walking on clouds with joyful exaltation. We are happy, we feel special, understood and it is easy for us to communicate our projects and dreams with our new partner.

Time goes by and we forget celebrating each others birthdays, we grow hair in the ears, we may gain weight and we stop going out on dates. We become lazy and selfish or out of purpose. The flower of our romantic love is ignored and dying from lack of care.

We may loose hope that things could be different, better or simply like it used to be. Indifference and disillusion build a wall between the two hearts too proud and afraid of pain to make the first move toward re-union.

We have to take full responsibility for all our relationships and believe in the sacred value of our love commitment.

Ask yourself:

What could I do to be that irresistible, beautiful and fun person that fell in love only few years ago?

Where is the pain that I experience in the present moment coming from?

Who does it remind me of?

What would it take for my heart and soul to be content and on track of a meaningful purpose?

If we ignore the feeling of isolation, build -up of resentments, we will need much healing to recover from such negligence. With this in mind, the purpose of Papillon Total Transformation Retreat is to self-actualize self-love and self-esteem in a safe and nurturing context.

There is always a Solution, and the time is now!

In Harmony & Light,



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