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One of the biggest fears that we all have to face at least one time in our life is Metathesiophobia (Fear of Changes). For optimistic people the unknown stimulates the imagination, it is a sign of adventure and excitement; for more pessimistic ones it is pure and simple anxiety.

One of the most common physical manifestations of Metathesiophobia is in the knee area. If you suffer from any type of knee injury ask yourself: "What change I am resisting from or what change am I afraid of?"

Also uncomfortable feeling in the stomach area can indicate difficulty to make decisions and to trust self.

The reason you fear change, of course, is that you know what you have now but you don't know what is ahead of you. The deeper your faith and trust in the Divine, the less fear of change, such as fear of death will affect you. Death is of course the ultimate metamorphosis, and so this can provoke some of the most intense fears in us. It is only when, connected with Spirit we can begin to view death as the entrance to Eternity, the new dimensional voyage (journey) that is lasting only until our next choice of incarnation or ascension to higher planes.

Life Regression Therapy is a very good tool for dealing with Fear of Change. In Regression Therapy, you are helped to feel safe and protected, and then guided to go back in time to the first event, when the fear or traumatic memories manifested. Such precise moment is also called 'root' of the negative emotion. Pulling those roots will not be sufficient until all the emotions linked to that event are cleared. To clear and forgive emotional wounds, we often have to go back in time before our birth or even incarnation by doing Past Life Regression, which is successful either in private or a group setting.

Specific work also has to be done in regard to our ancestors influence in the dynamic of our Karma because the family line is one of the most powerful roots that can limit or stimulate our soul evolution . We will address those possibilities for ultimate clearing in our next Past Life Regression Seminar

The Papillon Transformational Method invites you to experience new paradigm of your own metamorphosis where Peace is the only Intent and spiritual insights leads to self-actualization.
The ultimate possibility is Now!



by  Fabienne Marneau - 11/10/2010

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