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DESTINATION HARMONY COLUMN                                                                        
By Fabienne Marneau, CH - Date: 03-03-2010

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Life is about overcoming the frustrations. They will never disappear. Once one aspect of our life gets better, another one seems to get worse; everyday a new challenge arises. How we handle negativity is what make the difference between true success and failure.

Often, we judge ourselves as having failed simply because we compare ourselves to an outside standard (such as family values or traditions) that may not be in harmony with our core belief system.

For example, a woman who is not married or does not have children may feel that she failed to please her parent’s expectations of becoming grandparents in their later years. A man who does not provide enough money for his family may  feel guilty even though he could be providing other talents to the world, such as sharing his artistic gifts or being a stay-at-home father. Our feelings of failure can also be related to fitness in a society that is very cruel toward those who do not fit the current standards of what is considered beautiful or healthy. If not skinny, a girl and /or women does not feel beautiful; likewise a boy or man if not buff and fit will not feel as attractive. 

It is essential to examine the real value of all those standards that constantly affect our daily lives (like little voices in your head) and decide what is important to you and why?

Self-liberation is a personal quest that takes honesty and courage because denial and procrastination usually arise when the question of self examination come to place.

Separation from family tradition or values requires an open mind and guts when confrontation arises. This is maybe part of the issue with teenagers who need to affirm themselves as different from the tribe and the family cocoon. As parents it is important to our children' s growth let go of some control (as long as the safety of our young people is not jeopardized, of course).

Another aspect of failure can be that we don’t always see the purpose of our struggle. Many successful people say that the difference between success and failure is not knowledge or talent but persistence, tenacity and determination.

You will continue to fail until suddenly you don' t. Once you have a strong desire, a passion for a goal: Never give up!

This is why it is so important to be clear about your life purpose and the object of your strong desire.

Once you know this, faith in your destiny and trust in the Divine support guidance will create synchronicity and endless opportunities to manifest what you are placed on earth to accomplish.

I learned to detach myself from the outcome of my desire and when capable of such peace, strength is given to my soul.

To reach detachment is a personal decision that becomes easier with practice and this is why I encourage my clients to use my Self-Hypnosis CD. They contain keys to retrain the subconscious mind beyond words, from the intent that created them.

This is the same concept that is behind why prayers are so powerful. Many tests have proven that people that are prayed for heal faster and better than people that are ignored.

Of course I still get irritated and want to resist my circumstances sometimes, but as soon as the truth of the situation reaches my awareness, it becomes clear again that I do have choice. Our choice is always: resist and suffer or let go and experience peace. When peace is present in the castle of my soul, loving thoughts and actions emerge, and like a miracle, the way is cleared and joy is possible.

Everyday details forge your ability to master detachment. There is not such a thing too big or too small to tackle. Success depends solely on your determination to keep going without judgment of failure. A spiritual teacher told me years ago that it is none of our business to judge the value or result of our healing sessions. The same applies to the results of any of our action as long as we have carried them out with loving and detached intent.

The following Michael Jordan video will illustrate what failure really is.

If you feel that you have blocks in regards to your free will and ability to let go, our next seminar or individual spiritual counseling/healing session or coaching may offer you the next step to reach what we call Zone or Flow of consciousness.

To all your failures, so you can succeed!