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Ego Vs. Higher-Self

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Many people that I know are going through a very difficult time due to divorce, financial crisis or loss of aging parents. So I decided to leave my computer today and go to my famous Jacuzzi to meditate and pray.

I am so glad that my entourage never makes fun of me when I say that I need to go to the pool, meaning “I am going to work”. My husband and sons know that this is how I get my insights, while I relax in the hot magical water.

To those going through a separation, if the chest area hurts, sadness may indicate that you could still work toward a solution to avoid divorce.

Tightness in the throat means that you cannot speak your truth. Pain in the stomach area indicate loosing self-confidence and self-power. Depression and headache may indicate resentment and anger. Back pain addresses fear based emotions.

As incarnated soul we must use our free will to direct our mind and decide what intent will control our destiny.

If you don’t want to suffer the effects of identification feeling victim of a situation or of the control of someone (boss, spouse, etc.) you have to take charge of how you react to your circumstances.

We either follow the voice of the ego that wants to be right and point fingers with blame, or we are willing to listen to the loving inner wisdom of compassion, acceptance and forgiveness. You have to be ready to step out of unconsciousness and give power to your Higher Self alone.

In Christian baptism the priest asks the audience: “Do you renounced to Satan?” And the crowed respond: “Yes, I do”. “Do you recognize the Holly Ghost as the only power?” “Yes I do” is again the answer, showing the willing decision of following the Divine Source of Love and letting go of the temptation and/or slavery of the ego. Of course this does not have to be a religious ritual. To me it is a spiritual daily practice leading to be in the Presence of the Divine and yield permission to his Angels and Ascendant Masters to help me in my choices.

This is a decision of true spiritual engagement manifested daily in the smallest and apparently insignificant tasks of our duties.

When the counter top of your bathroom is filled with empty coffee cups and toothpaste, the wet bath towel on the floor, you have two choices. Been upset would infuse negative energy and feelings that will lead to more chaos responding to the law of attraction. The second option would be like thinking with some humor: “Oh well, at least I know who was here today with me.”

Yes, my house was perfect before the invasion of the four males in my life (husband, sons, and dog). Sincerely, however I would not trade my actual life for a million!

Now, when a more serious subject bothers you, you have to express your feelings. At the right time, without anger and with detachment if possible, when the other person involve is also receptive, we can speak our truth in a loving and respectful way.

Suppressed emotions will back fire at you with anger, resentment, depression or other illness.

The best way to communicate is to talk about self, not to point fingers with blame. For example if you can say: “I am hurt because…” Instead of saying: “You can never do…or you said that…”

Sharing you feelings and emotions will get the attention of your loved ones way better than accusing them.

Be honest when sharing those emotions and the result will be surprisingly rewarding.

Difficult communications come from fear. Fear of not been understood, loved, forgiven, or fear of been controlled and manipulated.

If you are going through a separation, feeling heart broken or entrenched into self-sabotage and delusion; please do not wait. Search for Spiritual Healing/Counseling now!

Do not let anger destroy your health and the relationships that can be saved.

Anger and resentment will close the door of any possibility of true abundance, joy and success.

Empowerment will allow you to take responsibility for where (your circumstances) and whom (victim, enabler or perpetrator) you are today, without blame or guilt. Self-awareness and courage are necessary to reach acceptance and infuse your heart with hope.

Recovering confidence in the self-healing process is the goal of Heart Soul Therapy working as mediator between the pathetic ego and the noble Higher-Self.

To rebuild the life of your dream, faith will grant you with Grace.

Our next Retreat will give opportunities to discover new tools of self-actualization such as Telepathic Communication, DNA Reprogramming, Vibrational Attunement, and so much more.

Remember that “There is always a Solution” and that you are never alone.

Love and Light,



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by Fabienne Marneau, CH - 10/06/2009

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