Fabienne Marneau




"Avoid worrying as it is blocking your faith in the divine prosperity." 
By: Fabienne Marneau, CH | Published: August 2009
While leaving a birthday party, my hand touched the beautiful Tiger Eye’s pendant of a guest friend.
Been clairsentient, I often choose not to touch people outside my close circle of family, friends and clients, so I would not get too much spontaneous information out of nowhere.

Here is a resume of the revelation that came from been in contact with this unknown women. Of course this communication is for you readers as well since we all can learn from each other life’s challenges.

“You do not really need the protection that you said your Tiger Eye was programmed for. Your intent to be in the light is enough to protect you. Expressing compassion in your work and in your relationships with others, constitute the best protection.

We can receive only what we give; and you give so much!

There for this communication is rather to comfort you and to give you self-assurance. Taking care of others more than of self is often a trap.

Our first and only real responsibility is to care for our own fundamental needs. Once this foundation is established, the rest will flow naturally with spontaneity.

Without snow melting from the top of the mountain, the water level of lakes reduces and diminishes. A heart that is not nurtured with tenderness and attention will shrink and weaken. When the heart energy, the flame of Universal Love is in danger, we get tired and imagination, the source of co-creation vanishes.

By charging your Tiger Eye with the intent of your heart desire, you will create a flow of synchronicity to receive financial abundance and love. To do this, you need to introspect each day using meditative state of mind such as self-hypnosis, exercise that allow your mind to be at peace and yet in trance, meditation, prayers, what ever works for you. While the mind quiet, the unconscious mind can revel its guidance and fuel true knowledge of your path. Been in purpose require to have the courage and humility to surrender to the higher power, the real source of wisdom, the Love that know us better than we do.

By reprogramming your relation with the Tiger Eye, you will unlash a torrent of joy, flow of abundance. Be self-confident; avoid worrying as it is blocking your faith in the divine prosperity. If you understand that all is in purpose always, you cannot fear anything. Everything is exactly as it is supposed to be. By getting our Life lessons we can free our-self from negative past Karma. By choosing to be loving; forgiving; accepting of self and others, we create new karma for the future as well.”

Past Life Regression workshops or private session are great protections since we can transform karmic effects by healing their cause. Specific protection of course may include the use of Tiger Eye Crystals, but it will be efficient only after clearing of attachments, reprogramming of Cell Memories and past Karma healing.

Be in the Light, Be the Light,