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Fabienne Marneau, CH - 11/17/2008 Article -  2/07/2012 Video

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Each one of us carries the seed of his own Destiny into his "Heart & Soul". Our mission is to recognize such "Vision" and strive toward the manifestation of our perfect intent in harmony and peace.

When ever peace is not present in your actions, love is absent in your heart.

Let me share with you an easy process that will bring you back on track of been the loving peaceful being that I am sure you wish to be all the time.

1) - Be the observer

Any time you focus your mind to observe how you feel, concentrate on your body first and be aware of discomfort, pain or even pressure, tightness or numbness.

When ever you feel edgy, impatient, suspicious, sad or even resentful, stop what you are doing; breath deeply, close your eyes if you can (scrap this if driving) and say: “Thank you Divine Wisdom* for the awareness.”

*God, Eternal Father, Divine Mother, Holly Spirit, Eloim, Infinite Spirit, Hasham, Deus, Infinite Love and Wisdom…

This affirmation will help you focus and set your intent for peace.

2) - Detective attitude

Ask your higher-self what it meant to you, what it reminds you of, etc.

Once you get a clear answer, you can start the self-healing process using Affirmations/Mantra.

3) - Mind Reprogramming

"I release my ........." and say what ever it is that you feel at that moment (judgment, anger, sadness, resentment, envy, jealousy, etc.)

"I release the need to be right".

"I give myself permission to be happy, calm and content."

"Please Infinite Wisdom send me celestial's help, Divine Mother send me your love, let light be in me, let peace be me, now."

Once peace is back into your heart and soul (its kingdom), than you can go on manifesting your destiny by accomplishing the Divine Will of your incarnation.

There is not such a thing that "great destiny" or "ordinary destiny". What ever is "our place in this world", as the singer/poet wrote, it is a great destiny. We are all going home equal at the end. The loving father/mother deity does not play favoritism.

What ever role we play on earth is only the part of our karma that is unfolding.

The mark that we make on this earth during our life time is only reflecting the level of our progress in the classroom of eternity. It is not our business to judge our evolution because the big picture of our destiny is a mystery. It includes both Karma (consequences of individual some of deeds from present and previous lives) and Dharma (global humanitarian purpose). Only day by day, the intensity of our love, the integrity of our intent, our wiliness's to search and serve our own truth, will give direction, value and meaning to our life's purpose.

The other trap to avoid is to fall in the easy system of identification. This is why the Truth, is never universal on earth. It can only be the truth for a particular moment, based on a particular circumstance and for whom we think we are at a given time. What is true to me today was not necessarily true 20 years ago. What seems to be true for a woman's group may not be the same for a man's club. What is valued by an ethnic race, a politic movement, or a religious community, may be discarded by mystical idealists or a scientific association for example.

The more humble we are when believing that we know the truth; the more respectful we are in regards to others. By respecting their freedom of opinions, sexual or ethnic differences, philosophy or religion we have a sense of wholeness.

Each one of us is a part of a huge puzzle, if one peace is missing the picture is incomplete and yet the whole can be seen as the truth of this planet, for this incarnation, today, now.

So yes, finding our place in this world with a sincere desire of peace is maybe part of unfolding our destiny. It even could be the only thing that really matter.

If peace is not the motor of our actions and love is not at the heart of our motivations, than we are probably far from accomplishing our destiny as we designed it from heaven based on both Karma and Dharma.

The Universal Truth belongs to the Divine. By emptying our cup every day; we open ourself to the Wisdom, Light and Love that is the only source of our salvation. Salvation being self-liberation and access to Eternal Life.




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