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"Refuge" Soul Painting 



  Fabienne Marneau, CH - Date: 07-17-07  


The hardest thing to accept when dealing with depression is to face the emotions of anger and resentment. 
In our society it is acceptable to feel sad, but not to be angry.   
Depression cannot be experienced without  suppressed anger.
If you suffer from depression, the solution belongs   to the inner child who needs to express his truth.  



The following cases describe three levels of depression:


         1)   Lack of Solution. 

   You feel depressed when you cannot believe in any solution to your challenge. 


    If you affirm: “There are no problems, only learning opportunities”, you will shift from been passive and victimized to a different level of emotion going from despair to hope and even faith. 


   You will take over with willpower and become actively involve in your healing solution.  

   Being able to see all experiences without a judgmental attitude will open the door to a more positive view point.  

   If you can welcome all circumstances as opportunities for growth than even difficulties in life become treasures. See article: "Healing is Forgiveness".


           2)  Fear of Loosing Control. 

   Most of the time, a depressed client who needs to work on a suppressed anger will refuse to raise the emotion because of the fear of loosing control. 

   After establishing a safe environment based on trust, we can find alternative ways to speak our truth.  


   Allowing the victimized part to verbalize  and openly express pain and hurt by going through the spectrum of negative emotions is the foundation of our self value.  


   It is only when all aspects of the wound are freely addressed that the healing can take place using self-forgiveness and compassion toward all partners involved in the challenging situation.  


                      3)  Separation from God. 

 If we are angry at “God” and refuse to believe in the possibility to heal, it will be very challenging to get better. In this case, the depressed being feels separate from the “Source” and does not believe in his healing. Since it is what we believe that attract all manifestation, the situation may then be very difficult to unblock.  


Claiming miracles through prayers is a powerful tool.  


Many Saints manifested miracles such as having prisoners recognize their crimes and ask for forgiveness.  

Once wholeness is reestablished you will receive Grace and the ultimate gift of healing: Peace. 



I feel unconditional love in all circumstances. 

I express my emotions freely in a loving way. 

I believe in Divine Guidance and protection. 

I welcome the perfect solution to every challenge, every day, in the way of miracles.

Opportunities for growth become treasures in my life. 

I am in harmony with the Universe as its perfection is revealed to my soul.  


     Blessings, Fabienne 
I recieved the vision of "Refuge" soul Painting to heal from heart broken and depression... 

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