Fabienne Marneau



Clarity of Intent 

By Fabienne Marneau, CH 

While walking in the hills for over 4 hours, my mind took me in a journey that brought insights in regards to happiness, relationships and clarity of intent.

Clarity of Intent or knowing what you want in life implies first that you know and accept who you are today.

I was feeling frustrated by a series of events when a remark from a member of my family triggered a mix feeling of resentment and sadness. My experience in relationships taught me to keep a distance and avoid responding under the influence of negative emotions. Every time I did, it would only increase the pain and nothing would be resolved.

As I was breathing the fresh air and getting my circulatory system active, I recognized my state of mind and thank the Universe for the awareness. Then I simply asked the Divine to help me. We don't need to tell God what to do. Infinite Spirit knows everything, so all we need is to put our self in the hand of the Infinite Love and Wisdom with trust and gratitude. "Thank you God for your help" I said, before getting any result.

I accept the thoughts that were coming to my attention. I said things like: "I take full responsibility for my life, actions, thoughts, affairs and relationships including within self." I realized that I was judging myself so I said: "I forgive myself and others from the past, present and future."

A calm feeling started to invade my mind. I was no longer under the influence of the ego mind.

By saying, I am 100% responsible, I was empowering myself. When we let self-pity cover-up the drama of our emotional up and downs we simply cannot progress or be happy.

It is only after that point that I was able to ask: "What is it that I really want in my life?" The answer I received was more about my fear of failure, being an over achiever, judging the result of some of my past business ventures, and doubt in regards to big projects for my Book Publication, Spiritual Retreats and Art exhibitions.

Now the truth was clear, it was really about me, not the remark that initiated the negative mixed emotions.

In one other word, regardless of our circumstances and emotional surroundings, we always have the inner power and wisdom to remain at peace and be oblivious to external negativity. Once we receive insights from Higher-self our choices can create new possibilities of success.

I spent the rest of the walk down visualizing my perfect life with details and purpose.

I am inviting you today to take the time to ask yourself: "What do I really want, and why?" Without a strong why, our intents have no strength. Emotional and spiritual purpose generates great life force of infinite power to manifest.
Feel free to share your why or questions with me.


The wind behind my wings carries me effortlessly to my divine destiny.
In Infinite Spirit I trust.
All my requests are taking care of according to the higher good of all.
I purify my karma every day in so many ways.
I accept my Dharma with faith and humility.
Synchronicity creates perfection in my beautiful life.
I say yes, joyfully and freely to infinite possibilities under grace.
In God, all is possible. With God, Love is.

                                                                                                                                         Date: 1-19-2010    


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