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   Can We Change Our Destiny? 

Written by: Fabienne Marneau 
In his last article on destiny, Dick Sutphen quotes Woody Allen: “If you want to make God laugh, tell him your future plans.”

Our destiny is a mystery, and that’s the beauty of it, isn’t it? Even though you may not know what your Dharma and complete destiny holds for you, the idea of manifesting our dream world is still part of the equation because, you have the power of choice / free will. You can choose to make the journey successful, meaningful and joyful or you can choose to be fearful, resistant and drag your feet in financial, physical and emotional misery. So in that sense, yes-we can change our destiny.

The manifestation technique that we use in Destination Harmony seminars is a three part process we call “Heal Empower Create”. This includes first clearing past blockages, pain and obsolete belief systems, then learning to listening to the insights coming from our Higher-Self. Another empowering spiritual tool is the ability to recognize that most of the negative or destructive messages we receive are coming from the ego and do not serve our higher good. Discernment makes the difference between the multiple avenues of choices that are in front of us at every corner of our existence.

One of my clients yesterday had a vision of a flower transmuting into a beautiful delicate butterfly then flying away, feeling free and at peace. Of course this metaphor is her soul feeling happy and liberated from the heaviness of self-judgment, resentment and ancient sadness. I am inspired to create a new painting as a symbol of such powerful and joyful vision.

It had been said that making your journey through life is like riding upon the back of an elephant. “Life will be a lot easier, if you make it all right with yourself to go where the elephant wants to go.” The elephant is destiny. The analogy demonstrates that we are supported and safe as long as we stay on the back of the elephant. We make a mistake when we try to force destiny upon the path we “expected” to journey.

Going with the flow, the energy field of our destiny will be easy and fulfilling. Resistance will bring chaos and pain. Again that is the choice we have to make using our free will and whatever level of consciousness is available to us at a given time.

When we say: “If I only knew!” Well you did not and that is all right too. We learn and grow because of such misfortune and mistakes and then we can see that they are no mistakes only changes in the direction of our path.

Mantra: It is what it is. Life is life. It is not good or bad, it is what it is.

Removing guilt and judgment from our vision of our life story will bring peace.

With true faith, the mystery become magical, gratitude fills up our heart and our soul exult true joy. Synchronicity brings your way opportunities and meetings, infinite possibilities and worthy gifts of love, friendships and peace.

May the grace of Infinite Intelligence be the light of all your inspirations.




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