Belief System 

June 2007 - Revised 8/19/2014

Written by: Fabienne Marneau 
Why can't I heal?

When you reach a plateau in self-healing, it is often because you do not believe that you can heal. People may say,"You don't understand! I have allergies; I have a compressed disc, I have asthma, etc."
It does not matter what it is that you have brought to your reality, even if it's something as random as a car accident; anything can be transformed through awareness. 

There are 3 obstacles to self-healing:

        1) Excuses: "I don't have time, or I can't afford therapy"
I think that you can't afford not to spend the money or time with the help that is available to you. What you may think is a waste of resources is in reality one of the best investments you will spend on yoursef. It is when you give yourself time for therapy, that you create these miracles. If we are too busy arguing or listening to the "monkey mind", we cannot rejuvenate, transcend pain and heal. The Divine has all power as long as we welcome it into our being in silence, stillness and peace.
Maybe this is why mystics who practice devotion very often look young and childlike with their smiles of innocence.

        2) Self-Pity and judgmental attitude.
The reason why children heal faster than adults is simple: when a child had to face illness, his mind keeps busy with his passions: play, books, what ever he enjoys. The body recovers and rejuvenates; this is a normal function of the organism. Children do not waste any time on self-pity. They deal naturally with any situation. They don't judge their circumstances as bad; they just deal with what is with an open mind and heart. As long as they are loved, they are resilient, courageous and optimistic.

To be more like a child, avoid self-pity by saying: "I take full responsibility for my actions and thoughts. I forgive myself and everybody involved in my life. I learn every day, in many ways from all situations. I release judgmental thoughts, I accept what is. I learn and grow raising awareness and healing my body mind and soul with gratitude and joy."

        3) Lack of faith.
The combination of lack of imagination and faith stop all possibility for healing.
When most of my clients call me for their first office appointment, they do not believe in miracles or that they deserve to recover completely from illness which would give them greater peace of mind. My main function is to hold for them the belief that a solution is waiting for them to be unfold and once revealed, than put that plan into action so they can rediscover health and happiness.
"Ask, and you will receive." If you don't believe, you won't ask. If you don't ask, you can't receive.

There is a possibility to heal and overcome what ever situation you are facing right now. There is no limit to manifestation, only a lack of faith.
Everything that we create in our lives is a pure gift if we have the wisdom to see beyond the appearance of our circumstances and pain.

With only few sessions of Heart Soul Therapy, a combination of DNA Reprogramming, Time Line Therapy (Hypnotherapy with eyes open) or Palmtherapy many of my clients were able to transform a lack of motivation and hurtful childhood memories into creativity, courage, and forgiveness. They now are ready to welcome success with their relationships and projects; plus they do not need to use alcohol or tobacco to compensate because they are bored or filled with guilt.

To be in the safe mode, always ask the universe to provide what is your highest good, under Grace and believe in Providence. We don't always see the future with all its implications. Therefor, sometimes we ask for "A" when "B" would be better for us in long the run. A good example is the loss of a job. At first it appears frustrating and scary to loose a secure income and activity that is comfortable and familiar. The unknown can be fearful for many people. However, very soon if we stay open minded about new opportunities and challenges, we will discover that the sudden loss open doors to new adventures which can be even more fulfilling.

When I do visualization, I always ask and expect that The Infinite Love and Wisdom will rearrange my wishes to bring perfect harmony and peace. I trust that I am protected and that everything flows with perfect synchronicity. It casts away fear and impatience.

Why can't I reach my goals now?
Wealth and prosperity follow the same rules. If you don't attract what you wish for it is because you are blocking the outcome with limiting thoughts or words.

Here are few examples of mistakes that can easily be corrected:
   * If you say: "It pays the bills" each time you make money, you limit the possibility for abundance.
It is wiser to say: "I am thankful and blessed with abundance!" or "I am prosperous and it feels good!"
I tell myself that I am making more money than I can spend. It makes me feel safe and creative.

   * "I am sorry..." will only give you more reasons to be sorry for if you say it enough times.
Instead say: "I am not available... or I am not comfortable with, etc." The idea is to stay positive about what it is that you want to do and not focusing on the guilt of not doing something. You have the right to say NO! And you don't have to justify yourself.

   * Every time someone asks you how you are doing, please don't answer: "not bad".
It is equivalent to saying "bad" for your subconscious mind. So please say: "I am great! Thank you" or "Fantastic!"
Say what you want to be feeling; words have the power to transform your emotions and these emotions will attract similar energy and circumstances.
Choose to feel great, not bad.
You have the power to change your belief system, that is why I recorded the "Mind Reprogramming CD" to delete the data that is obsolete and write a new program that is positive and healthy.

Taking care of our mind is the best investment that you can make since everything that is happening to you comes from your ability to manifest. What you believe will automatically take form, so decide what it is that you wish to believe in from now on.


"I recognize only one power: Love. I believe in Eternal Life, therefor I am invincible, protected and loved. I choose to live with purpose, kindness, and joy in my heart.
I welcome miracles as my divine gifts.
I expect Abundance flowing my way, effortlessly every day, in many ways.
I believe in the possibility to heal and overcome whatever situation I am facing right now."

I believe in YOU!
It is my mission as energy practitioner, spiritual counselor and life coach to help you find the clues of your challenges and re-shape your belief system. See our next Success Manifestation Seminar