Fabienne's Gnostic Metaphysical Soul Writing

Fabienne shares...The truth and depth of our Beings can be revealed once we access the very essence of our soul, away from the appearance of ego elucidations (the story behind the story). Beyond the words, let the energy of inspired metaphors and daily events reach out into your heart's consciousness and open doors to self-awareness. Thank you for reading these messages as writing them is a part of my journey. Metaphysical insights are spontaneous revelations that strike like lightning leading to enjoy and share the wonders of Being in the NOW!    

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"Spirituality follows rules that are as powerful as gravity is to physics. They are for example the laws of Karma, forgiveness, and Unconditional Love. Everything in your life is there for a learning purpose. By taking ownerships of those events and relationships without blame, judgment or guilt, you can find the way to freedom.

You are invited to experience the Infinite Source of Wisdom and Peace knowing that you are supported and loved."  Fabienne       

The Time is Now!