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 Creative Field Of Possibilities   
"How To Utilize The Creative Field Of Possibilities" 

By: Fabienne Marneau, CH - 9/28/2010

Your Thoughts Create Your Reality 

Negative thoughts will attract a negative outcome and positive thoughts create synchronicity, even when you are not aware of the process. It is the Spiritual Law that Indian mystics understand and use consciously at will; to connect to the Akashic Field. The same source or field of infinite possibilities is described as the God-Mind by Ernest Holmes or the "Grace of the Holy Spirit" by Christian mystics.

Learning how to utilize what I call "The Creative Field of Possibilities" is the main purpose of our Destination Harmony Total Transformation Seminars and Mind-Reprogramming CDs.

By raising awareness you automatically choose thoughts that are positive and by doing so you raise your energy vibrational frequency. Remember that the same mind that attracts fear and lack can also attract love and abundance. You need to change your mindset by changing the belief system that you inherited from your parents, culture, and past experiences. You can transform the flow of goods coming back to you. (See article on "Belief System".)

The two main requests from my clients lately are money issues and frustration in love relationships. Unresolved frustrations based on fear of lack, feelings of failure and disappointment eventually lead to deep resentment, anxiety and depression.

For centuries, mystics and seers from all religions, tribes and belief system have shared with us their wisdom based on experience. They describe the spiritual laws as Natural Laws. Everyday I find applications of the spiritual laws and I am continually amazed by how simple they really are.

Here are a few steps to recognize the truth of Spiritual Universal Laws and help you utilize "The Creative Field of Possibilities":

1) First Step: Focus Your Intent
If for example, you may feel emotionally disconnected from a loved one, decide to stop the mental movie that is only bringing pain and disappointment. Use your free will and say to yourself: "Stop!". Your intent activates your free will to decide your future from this moment on. When you decide to participate in a self-help seminar or seek help from a spiritual counselor, you are also using this intent. The new voice in you will be saying: "I deserve and believe that I can be more, being on purpose, free, whole and complete, at peace, joyful, etc."

2) Second Step: Believe that it is possible to access the Field of Manifestation.
Relax and switch from the ego-mind to the God-Mind of your higherself.

There are many ways to connect with your subconscious mind , such as using self-hypnosis (you can use our Mind-Reprogramming CDs for this), or enjoy being in Flow Consciousness of a deep trance while absorbed in meditation or any creative activity that you enjoy (music, art, sport, cooking, etc.).

One of my clients said that while suffering from a severe case of the flu, she listened to my CD "Healing with Mother Earth" and was suddenly able to get to the root of what lesson she was supposed to learn. She than let go of resistance and gave permission to her higher self to heal.

By believing it is possible to manifest change, you activate faith and "let go, let God". The grace of healing operates its miracle as soon as you stop resisting. You heal your heart, body and mind by reestablishing the connection with the Infinite Spirit of Love. You will instantly feel gratitude and reverence, and that time and space are not limiting you anymore. Your mind is free, traveling anywhere and in any time of your choice. It is in this mode that Time Line Therapy, Past Life Regression and Astral Projections are possible.

3) Third Step: Use your imagination.
In the previous example of emotional conflict or disappointment from a loved one, you can also use your creative mind to imagine the perfect scenario for your love life. See in your mind details of what your heart is longing for. Your subconscious mind does not know the difference between what appears to be real and what belongs to the dream world. By using such visualization daily you will start attracting those new enjoyable experiences as a response to your connection with the field of creativity and the field of infinite possibilities.

If, in the case of a spouse or partner, you have difficulties sustaining a positive emotional state, try to remember three reasons why you fell in love in the first place. Then let the loving memories generate a positive field of new possibilities.

This is how you can access and activate your creative plan of manifestation. Your loved one's higher-self will get the loving images without the demand and criticism that the ego-mind carries. It will be received like an invitation of open possibilities instead of demanding expectations. The results are infinitely more powerful because they are under the protection of the Source of All.

The creative Field of Possibilities manifests a beautiful circle of synchronicity. The more you trust the process, and the more thankful you are, then the more you receive back from the Creative Universe exactly what you need. Synchronicity becomes a way of life.

The Papillon Transformational Method will reveal the keys to access your physical, emotional and mental metamorphosis. Once your energy is cleared and in balance, you will raise your Vibrational Frequency using Chakra & Crystal Therapy for example.

The time is Now!


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