Fabienne Marneau



Destination Harmony Column

By Fabienne Marneau - 9/15/2010 


Anger is an emotion that you either have within you; or not.
When someone or something triggers anger in you it is the result of dormant energy that is ready to come out from deep, suppressed past resentment or frustrations.

The subconscious mind that never forgets anything keeps emotions stored in your mind like a computer’ file. This is why suppressed resentment's that turn into suppressed anger can be so devastating , surprising and uncontrollable when they choose to come out in the most unexpected way.

Because we feel guilty for having negative emotions like anger, this guilt lowers the self-esteem. Such a vicious circle can be broken usingPalmtherapy Healingas well as Chakras Clearing & Crystal Therapy.

To find out if the seed of anger is in your heart, ask yourself the following questions:
- Who do you resent?
- What do you have a hard time forgiving the most? It could be a past humiliation, abandonment issue, or betrayal.
-   Is there something you feel guilty about from past actions that comes back to your mind regularly like a movie? It can be lack of kindness, honesty, loyalty or courage.

I am not a victim,  I take full responsibility for my life, karma, thoughts and actions.
I welcome the lessons of my existence and choices. My circumstances do not define who I am.

I am free to choose how I feel. I choose peace, I forgive myself and others from my past, present and future. I give freely and lovingly, I receive the flow of love and wisdom from Infinite Spirit.

Private Breakthrough Session of Heart Soul Therapy will balance and rejuvenate your physical and Etheric body and  help you to release any deep-seeded anger or resentment that may be waiting to interfere unexpectedly in your life and relationships.

You will connect with your Astral Soul Essence bringing, Peace, Joy and Harmony to your daily activities and relationships. See testimonials >> and my articles on Depression ;  Frustration and There is always a solution.

The time is NOW, don't live one more day with anger in your heart, it removes any possibility of fulfilment and joy.