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  Angels Communications
By Fabienne Marneau, CH

Angels Communications Angels, Fairies and Spirit Guides communicate with us through dreams, telepathic insights, physical and emotional feelings and auditory messages and visions.

When we trust our ability to feel, see or hear the Angels, we become more clairvoyant.
The only difference between a professional medium clairvoyant and a banker, truck driver or home-maker is their destiny. It is not everyone's destiny to guide others or practice spiritual healing on a daily basis. However, in my private sessions I do encourage seminars or Self-Hypnosis CD to develop such communications so you can heal yourself and be empowered to act safely and more wisely. Self-esteem, personal relationships and work performance will then be greatly improved and you will be more creative in all your activities.

Why do some people see Angels in human form and others see them as light?
Each Archangel represents a quality that we associate with the gifts of the Mighty. For example, clear forms of communication are associated with Gabriel, and Physical Healing with Raphael.
Of course those are still symbols that our human mind can understand.
As our awareness evolves the symbols change and become more refined.
I do not see Angels as people because my awareness towards Angels is at the level of the light symbol not of the human form. Angels communicates with us according to what is most comfortable and logical to accept. There is no right or wrong, only variety in perception. What really matters is their ability to communicate with us.
They are the messengers...
So what message of Love are you getting today?

Peace be with you always!

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