September 2009 
Written by: Fabienne Marneau 
What Does Abundance Mean To You?
At the beginning of my Abundance & Prosperity Seminars, I ask the participants to identify what Abundance means to them at the present moment.

Each time we do the same self-actualization work, we progress to a new level of prosperity.

One of my seminar participants went from manifesting a lifelong dream to visit Egypt, getting engaged while traveling to the pyramids and getting married with their perfect partners, to manifest a new car and to own the exact home that they had been visualizing for about a year. I have to say that this couple did not only learn from my seminars and used my CD’s, but kept practicing visualization and reading metaphysical books as well.

They trusted the information given by their angels and higher self. In one of my workshops I even guided them to connect with a fairy from whom they got very clear and precise insights.

These success stories encourage me to keep offering seminars, knowing that the more we practice active faith, the more abundance flows our way fulfilling our dreams and beyond our human expectations.

Yes, I believe in miracles, and the more I believe, the more miracles come my way. Each one of us has their own way to relate to the archetypes of the Divine. The fairy worked for the travelers to Egypt, an Archangel, a bright light or Ascendant Master will also be a better connection for others. A small group session allows me to receive the guidance that fits best in the present moment.

Being ourselves (truly ourselves) is something that we just forget how to do because we are a partner, parent, daughter/son, and fill many different roles in life. Women have tendency to feel responsible for the wellbeing of others in general. Of course I know many exceptions of men caregiver too.

How many times have we all read inspirational books, articles, etc. that tell us how if we are "selfish" with our time, we will be rested, refreshed, happy, peaceful and therefore better partners, parents, coworkers, etc. Why is it so hard to follow this advice without feeling guilty?

So for me today, abundance is taking the time to nurture my heart and soul in a more personal way, and asking for an innocent moment of simple joy. I probably need to be more comfortable to ask what it is that would please me.

What about you? Do you know what abundance means to you today, NOW?

Our " Doorway to Abundance" seminar or 0nline 90-Day Breakthrough Program is an invitation to answer this question and learn tools to access the subconscious mind power and super-conscious mind wisdom.

Source: http://www.fabiennemarneau.com/Abundance.html

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