Fabienne Marneau

 A Baby is in Heaven Today 

Written by: Fabienne Marneau 

When I received the invitation announcing the memorial service for my friend’s still born baby, I immediately felt her pain and wondered if I could overcome it before the service that day.

The sadness that I first felt went away as soon as I ask the Divine to wash it off from me so I could communicate with her. Then the strong energy of the child in some mysterious way seemed to radiate Love and Joy into my heart.

The powerful message that came from her was that her parents will always be the parents of a beautiful daughter. Nothing can change that and no one can take that away from them.

When they accepted her soul through this incarnation, they became parents. Their relationship with their child will keep growing if they choose to keep the contact, which I am sure they will do. She will become for now and forever their guide.

The reason why I decided to share with you this event is because of the Peace that is in my heart since. It became clear to me that the celebration of Christmas carries the same promises of potential for ultimate Peace, so we can all experience “being in the Flow of Divine Grace”, regardless of our beliefs or religions. Christmas spirit is universal to all mankind beyond philosophical concepts.

The infinite Love incarnated in Jesus, comes visiting our planet Earth each time a new baby is born. Such intense love never leaves us, no matter what happens later. Saying yes to a new soul is an invitation to the Holly Spirit to manifest eternally…

I wish to thank the parents of this new angel for including me in their celebration, so I can forever understand and receive the true Gift of Christmas: the innocence of Love.

May Peace be with you and your family to celebrate all the gifts of Life and to manifest the miracles of Love with tenderness for yourself and compassion toward others, in creative ways, every day of your life.

With Love and Gratitude,


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